About Us

Welcome to RRCOOC!

The Resource Recovery Center of Orange County (RRCOOC) is the right place for you or a loved one to take the first step on a Path to Change. We offer medically supervised detoxification and inpatient treatment services by compassionate professionals who understand the disease of addiction, as well as the challenges of withdrawing from addictive substances. We provide transportation regionally to and from our treatment facility. Please contact our admissions office for further information.

Resource Recovery Center Mission Plaque

Our Mission

Dedicated to loved ones the owners lost to substance use disorders, RRCOOC’s mission is to provide the highest quality of care to those suffering from Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders. Substance Use Disorders are chronic illnesses, and treatment provided is based upon the presenting needs of the individual. Our goal is to help individuals and families begin the physical, emotional and spiritual healing process by utilizing compassionate, encouraging and evidenced-based practices. We ultimately strive to guide individuals, and their families, towards a goal of living life to its full potential- free from addiction.

Our Vision

We seek to encourage, motivate and utilize cognitive behavioral strategies to help individuals change unhealthy thought patterns, promote treatment engagement and increase desire for change. We are person-centered, culturally sensitive and understand the importance of treating co-occurring disorders while promoting the important concept of “we” in recovery.

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