Which addictions do you treat?

We specialize in substance use disorder treatment and provide high quality addiction medicine, group and individual counseling, and support services that aid in recovery all from substance addiction and associated co-occurring mental health conditions.

Either way we work to give you the tools to live a better and healthier life than when you first entered our programs. 

Do you allow smoking?

Yes, we provide ‘tobacco limited services’ using a harm reduction approach that provides cigarette smokers with access to smoking in a less harmful manner. We allow eligible clients to smoke cigarettes utilizing scheduled times for what we call ‘nicotine dosing administration’. Ultimately our goal is to provide you with the first steps towards reducing the harmful effects of nicotine, to build your confidence in eventually becoming tobacco free, “one step at a time”.

What is your COVID protocol?

RRCOOC no longer requires mask wearing, COVID19 testing, or social distancing. We do provide masks to anyone who requests them and have testing and vaccinations available to all clientele and staff who are interested.

How can I pay for treatment?”

We accept Medicaid, Medicaid Managed Care, and we are in-network with most major commercial insurance plans.  Our goal is to try to make our services available to as many individuals as possible. 

How long is the program?

All treatment lengths are created on an individualized basis depending upon several clinical assessment factors. The duration of detox services can be between 3-6 days, while our rehabilitation program ranges from 21-28 days.

Can I contact my loved ones?

Yes, you can contact their loved ones in several ways – by mail, with scheduled phone calls or through our family counseling program. We want your family and support systems to be a part of your growth and development as you work through your recovery. Your counselor will assess your family and support needs and build a plan with you for successful engagement with them.

Can I receive items through the mail?

Mail and packages containing permissible items such as money, letters, cards, appropriate pictures may be mailed to the facility. These items cannot be dropped off. We strongly advise that any packages or items containing valuables be sent via certified mail. Packages and mail will be thoroughly inspected by staff in your presence. Items not permitted will be placed in your stored belongings.

Can I bring any electronics with me?

Laptops, music listening devices, tablets, cell phones, and smart phones are not permitted in the facility. However, individuals may bring in electronic musical instruments for their personal use during recreation and free time. We also have some in-house musical instruments to share with our clients and encourage those with musical skills to take part in our monthly talent shows.  For a complete list of items which are and are not permitted, please click on this link.

Can you tell me about your admissions process?
  • During the Intake screening we conduct a phone interview where we collect demographic info, medical hx, any relevant legal hx, mental health and psych history, and current medications, as well insurance verification and transportation arrangements.
  • We will review your intake information with our clinical team, coordinate transportation and schedule your admission date as soon as possible.
  • When you arrive the Concierge welcomes you upon arrival in our admissions waiting area, ensures you have a meal, inventories any luggage of items needed to store with us during your stay, provides a brief orientation to the rules and regulations of the program, as well ensures you review any consents for treatment.
  • A safety search of your person and your belongings is then carefully conducted with our recovery support staff with you to ensure safe and secure premises.  A baseline urine screening and breathalyzer is conducted to get an accurate reading of your treatment needs.
  • In the new admissions welcome area our Nursing staff completes a series of nursing assessments that helps us further understand your medical and mental health needs, including blood draws for a comprehensive physical assessment.  A Medical provider meets with you to conduct a history and physical exam. COWS and CIWA assessments, full exam, and UDS results guide the next steps of addiction medicine treatment and determination for admission into detox, rehab, or an alternate setting. 
  • Once completed you will be escorted to your room where you will have access to participate in the facility activities. In the event that you need time to rest we will accommodate those needs as well. 
What is your success rate?

In the field of substance use disorder treatment success is normally measured by the goals that were accomplished by participants while in treatment, which is evident in a program’s treatment completion rates and client retention rates.  Our measurements in these areas for our detox and rehab programs are approximately 10% better than the national average for comparable programs. Additionally, 95% of our program participants surveyed would recommend our program to a family member or friend.

Will my family and friends be able to visit me?

We offer much better than a family or friend visit! The research shows that the more a family is engaged in the treatment and discharge plan for their loved one, the better the treatment outcomes. We encourage family involvement in treatment and have trained all counselors to engage the families of our clients in therapeutic phone, virtual or in-person sessions. “Family” is the identified family which can include any support system for recovery.

Will I have a roommate?

Yes, every resident is assigned a room with two queen size beds for two occupants. The room includes a large flat screen TV, a private bathroom, a wardrobe and dresser, a desk and writing area, a lounge chair, and the room is individually climate controlled. 

Do you offer any recreational activities?

We recognize the importance of balanced living, wellness, and recreation to enhance and restore the relationship with self.  We offer daily yoga with an instructor, swimming, and gym or outdoor recreational activities daily. Our outdoor recreation includes pickleball, wiffle ball, basketball, soccer, and many more. Our indoor and outdoor activities are designed to engage our clients in prosocial and creative ways.

Do you offer outpatient services?

We currently only offer inpatient medically supervised detoxification and rehabilitation treatment, but we are exploring options to offer other resources in the future.

Do you offer a program for adolescents?

We are currently offering substance abuse services to adults aged 18 and up only.

Do you provide transportation?

Yes, we can discuss your needs over the phone and coordinate transportation.

Where are you located?
What's a day in the life like for a client at RRCOOC?