Quarterly Newsletter & Staff Spotlight-1

Welcome to our 1st Quarterly Newsletter & Staff Spotlight Series. This is where we highlight new program developments and spotlight individual staff members who have shown a clear dedication to our mission.

Pictured: “Staff spirit week Logo Day” Dec 2022

Meet Nicky

Our staff spotlight for this Spring/Summer is Senior Counselor Assistant, Nicole Zion. We wanted to acknowledge her outstanding work with client engagement, clinical groups and interventions, in addition to creating robust activities calendars for clients at RRCOOC. Nicky started her journey in 2020 as a Recovery Support Staff!

Quarterly Staff Spotlight Meet Nicky
Our Community Garden led by Nicky

Our Community Garden led by Nicky

painting project by Nicky

Pictured above: Art therapy Painting Project led by Nicky titled “Moon.” Using easy brush strokes, minimal colors, 3 brushes clients engaged and really enjoyed it!