What To Bring?

We want your stay at RRCOOC to be as comfortable as possible while you work to make important changes in your lifestyle. Keeping in mind the importance of the community as well, we have compiled a list of items you should bring for your stay.

Family Services and Couples Counseling

Addiction is a family disease, and just as addicted individuals suffer, families members and their loved ones suffer from the pain, stress, and chaos this powerful disease causes. RRCOOC works with clients and their loved ones to start the healing process and help restore relationships by providing education, support and family counseling services. RRCOOC will also help guide family members and their loved ones to connect with local support groups for their ongoing healing.

Insurance and Payment Options

Resource Recovery Center is an in-network provider for New York State Medicaid, Medicaid Managed Care and many major commercial and private insurance plans. If the exact name of your insurance plan is not listed, please contact us as your insurance plan may be subcontracted with one of the parent insurance companies with which we participate. If Resource Recovery Center is not currently in network with your plan, we may be able to negotiate a Single Case Rate Agreement with your insurance plan.  Resource Recovery Center has New York State of Health Certified Application Counselors on staff ready to assist financially eligible applicants with the Medicaid application process. Self-pay options are also available for those who do not have insurance and do not qualify for an insurance plan through the marketplace.

Which addictions do you treat?

We specialize in a variety of chemical dependency treatments - working to help people detoxify from their addictions and and develop new behavior patterns which will help them stay free of their chemical dependencies.  Some individuals come to us to break free of their physical addiction to substances.  Others come to us to learn how to live without substances controlling their daily life.

Either way we work to give you the tools to live a better and healthier life than when you first entered our programs. 

Do you allow smoking?

RRCOOC provides Tobacco Limited Services using a harm reduction approach. This will allow eligible clients to have limited ability to smoke cigarettes utilizing scheduled nicotine dosing administrations.

What is your COVID protocol?

To minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 RRCOOC has adopted best practices per CDC and NYS guidelines. This includes mask wearing, social distancing, hand hygiene, quarantine protocols, testing and daily screening for symptoms.

How can I pay for treatment?”

We accept Medicaid and most major commercial plans.  Our goal is to try to make our services available to as many individuals as possible. So whether you have insurance or are looking to pay for the services yourself – we want to help.  Please contact our Intake Department at 845-209-3525 to discuss your insurance benefits.

How long is the program?

Resource Recovery of Orange County’s Detox program lasts 5 days, while our rehabilitation program is a 28-day cycle. Most individuals who come in for Detox, after experiencing our program, stay for Rehab and continue on their path to recovery long after they leave.

Can I contact my loved ones?
Individuals can contact their loved ones in several ways – by mail, scheduled phone calls or through our Family counseling program. We want your family and support systems to be a part of your growth and development as you work through your recovery.
Can I receive items through the mail?

Mail and packages containing permissible items such as money, letters, cards, appropriate pictures may be mailed to the facility. These items cannot be dropped off. We strongly advise that any packages or items containing valuables be sent via CERTIFIED MAIL. Packages and mail will be thoroughly inspected by staff in your presence. Items not permitted will be placed in your stored belongings.

What are some of your treatment programs?
RRCOOC offers medically assisted treatment programs, as well as counseling programs with our professionally trained staff. Our medically assisted treatments include FDA approved medications such as Naltrexone, Buprenorphine (i.e., Suboxone, Subutex, Sublocade), Capral, and Vivitrol. We can also assist those individuals with existing methadone treatment programs.
Can I bring any electronics with me?

Electronic devices (such as laptops, tablets & smart phones) are not permitted in the facility. However, individuals may bring in electronic musical instruments for their personal use during specific times. We also do provide some musical instruments, on a limited basis at specific times. For a complete list of items which ARE and are NOT permitted, please click on this link.

What is your success rate?
The reality of the situation is the success rate of our program depends on YOU...!! We can only give you the tools to use to help keep you on a positive and productive track, but without you accepting and using those methods of change - Change won't happen !!
Will my family and friends be able to visit me?

We have made a few modifications to our visitor process due to COVID. All visitors will be screened for COVID prior to entering the facility. Visitors including friends and families are permitted with permission from the client’s counselor for clinical family counseling sessions only.

Will I have a roommate?

Every resident is assigned to a room that has 2 queen size beds  for 2 occupants, and includes a large flat screen tv, and a bathroom. 

Do you offer any recreational activities?

We recognize the importance of balanced living; therefore, we offer Yoga, swimming, and/or gym activities daily. We also offer several indoor and outdoor group activities that are designed to engage our clients in prosocial, creative activities.

Do you offer outpatient services?

We currently only offer inpatient medically supervised detoxification and rehabilitation treatment.

Do you offer a program for adolescents?

We are currently offering substance abuse services to adults aged 18 and up only.

Do you provide transportation?

We offer transportation services from locations two hours maximum away from our facility.

Where are you located?

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