This facility without a doubt changed my life. This had been my first time in treatment and I was very skeptical and scared. The staff really made me feel so welcome, my counselor checked in with me as soon as I came in and sat with me a while in my room. My counselor was Yvonne who was tough, but so attentive. She pushed me to dig deep into my addiction and sharing to help relieve my anxiety. The groups are great and they really give you a chance to speak openly and freely. They have weekly town hall meetings with clients and staff to discuss improvements they can make to make clients stay and experiences better. They also have drop boxes for grievances and suggestions that are checked daily. The nursing staff for the most part including are fantastic, Jessica was my favorite. The food isn’t awesome but Rita in the kitchen is great with substitutes. I didn’t see Psych until my 3rd week which kinda sucked.. but Dr. Gomez was great. He and I discussed medications that would help with my anxiety and depression. Overall, the staff was friendly, caring, and treated me and other clients like human beings and not criminals. The other clients welcomed me with open arms and were also a great support system. I was lucky and went in with a great group of girls I still keep in contact to this day. Thanks RRCofOC!


I had hit rock bottom before RRCOOC. My life changed after that experience. I am currently 3 classes away from graduating with my Master of Social Work. I have a certificate within my program in substance abuse. I will be working with those struggling with substance abuse, I guess I am paying it forward after my experience with struggling with substance misuse. I couldn’t have done it without the awesome staff at RRCOOC.


Today I am clean and sober! RRCOOC changed my life to the way it’s supposed to be. That’s the day I walked in the lobby of rrcooc on my own will addicted to crack and cocaine. My family had given up on me and I gave up on me. I had nothing left. No money, no clothes, no shoes, no jewelry, no friends, no family, no love, no trust, and no respect for life, myself, or others. I didn’t know how to trust anyone nor how to act in Rehab being I’ve never been to rehab before. I wasn’t outgoing and I was very quiet. I soon realized how much helping others helped me in my recovery. I went above and beyond to help my fellow brothers at rrcooc as much as I could. Whether it was getting them late night snacks, a shoulder to cry on, new basketballs and football and even a dartboard and dominoes. I was soon nicknamed “The mayor”…”Mayor Mike” lol. I always tried to make everyone laugh, including the staff, to brighten up their days as it did me. I now feel amazing and look amazing more than I ever have. I now have my family back and am slowly regaining everyone’s trust. Everyone is now

proud of me instead of embarrassed of me and it’s absolutely an amazing and blessed feeling. I have great support by my wife and my weekly groups at outpatient treatment. I truly am beyond grateful for everyone’s help at rrcooc, both fellow peers and staff and feel absolutely blessed. and am looking forward to going back for alumni and speaking to others who can have hope that anything is possible! Thank you for everything.


I cannot say enough about RRCOC – when I arrived, I was broken, desperate, and felt totally scared and alone. From the moment I walked through the doors, everything changed – I was greeted with kindness, grace, care, and compassion. I was not just a number.

I had been to a rehab before and to say that RRCOC is unique is an understatement – from Jeff who made sure I had food when I arrived and made sure i was taken care of no matter what i needed during my stay, to my counselor Yvonne who helped me navigate tough issues and built my confidence, to the RSS who supported me – this place is special. I’m new to recovery but feel better and stronger and more confident than I ever have. I know this time is different because of the unprecedented personal care I received. Thank you, RRCOC for helping me get my life back on track!


When I entered RRCOOC, I was broken, had hit rock bottom and didn’t know how to pull it together anymore. I checked into Resource Recovery Center of Orange County with little hope and much resistance. The staff instantly welcomed me and made me feel as though I was at home. The accommodations were incredible, and I quickly adjusted to being there. Through the guidance of my counselor, group meetings, meditation and learning from everyone I finished the program in the suggested 28 days and returned home where I have been sober for three years. I honestly would not have been able to do it on my own and most likely wouldn’t have stayed in a rehab had it not been for the caring, compassionate, sympathetic, and empathetic staff there. Their professionalism and experience provided me with the tools to survive in a sober world and I will never be able to repay them. I don’t think there is better out there, and I would suggest that anyone struggling should consider this wonderful place.

Jay M

My life in recovery is such a feeling of joy! I don’t think I would have been able to get it off the ground if it wasn’t for the staff at RRCOOC from the counselors to the medical staff to the kitchen staff, even to the housekeeping staff, but it really wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the love I got from my fellow brothers in recovery there.


Since I graduated RRCOOC, I have honestly been thriving and never been happier. We just moved into our new apartment yesterday my daughter is so happy and healthy and my horses are racing amazing, I didn’t just get my life back, I got better. Thank you rrcooc

Victoria M

RRCOOC changed my life forever. I walked in hopeless and broken. Amber G. saved my life and gave me hope. The rest of the staff started putting me back together 1 piece at a time. Alicia, Eileen, Jasmine, Miles, Dave, Frank and many more, I owe you all everything! Thank you so very much! 351 days and counting!